Friday, 15 March 2019

Commercial Evaporative Air Coolers for Fresh Air and Cool Environment

Industrial Air Cooler

Indians love Summer for a lot of reasons - Mangoes, Golas, Family Vacations, and much more. But one thing many people don’t like about Indian Summer is the working in the scorching heat and high temperatures. From the month of February to June, most part of India experience extreme heat waves. You need a quality cooler system to avoid the summer heat at the workplace and to keep the productivity high. 

In many industries, the efficiency of the machinery decreases due to heat. To avoid such situations, you need an industrial air cooling system. The most important thing is the selection of right type of cooling system. A number of people use Air Conditioning System, and then pay a high electricity bill or just avoid using them due to fear of a high electricity bill. 

Air Conditioners cool a relatively small area, and each and every room needs a separate air conditioner, which makes the overall cost of cooling too stiff. To get out from paying such an exorbitant price for a simple thing as cooling, you need a totally different solution. Industrial Air Cooler is the best solutions for quality and reliable air cooling system at an affordable price. The best type of commercial Industrial Air Coolers is the Ducting Air Coolers.

Ducting Air Coolers are a solution to a number of your cooling problems. Ductable Air Coolers provide high-quality fresh air cooling over a large area, compared to the air conditioners which circulate stale air over a small enclosed area. The air flow of ductable air coolers is very powerful. 

Ductable Air Coolers can also be used to cool large open area, which cannot be done by air conditioners. This makes Ductable air coolers ideal for large areas like warehouses, factories, gyms, stadiums, godowns, large offices, etc.

Ductable Air Coolers are highly efficient to operate. The energy consumption by ductable air cooler is very low as compared to air conditioners. As the temperature increases, the ductable air cooler works more efficiently while the efficiency of air conditioners decreases with an increase in the temperature. Moreover, Ductable air coolers do not need to be installed in each and every room. The ducts attached to the ductable air coolers supply fresh cool air from the cooler to multiple rooms, irrespective of the size of the room. This cuts the cost of buying a separate cooler or air conditioner for every room. Installation and maintenance of Ductable air cooler are easy and more affordable than Air conditioners. Thus, Ductable air coolers are a good option for an industrial air cooler at an affordable cost but with quality cooling.

Evaporative air coolers are eco-friendly do not release any kind of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gases. The energy consumption of the ductable air cooler is also low, its effect on the environment is negligible. Evaporative air cooler used the evaporative cooling technique which is a natural cooling process using water. Greenhouses gases (CFC) which are harmful to the environment are not used, making the ductable air coolers 100% nature-friendly. So by using Air Coolers, you are not only minimizing your cooling system cost but also helping the environment by not using air conditioners cooling systems which cause damage to the environment.

Ducting Air Coolers are designed for the cooling needs of residential, industrial, sports and commercial infrastructures. They are also ideal for similar buildings like large departmental stores, storages, education centers, hotels, banks, offices, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, and various other places. If you are looking for an affordable industrial air cooler system having quality cooling and powerful airflow of fresh air, along with an eco-friendly solution, ductable air coolers are ideal for you. 

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